Public Parking

Our aim on this page is to provide information to residents and visitors about public parking in Atlantic Beach. Still have questions? Please email or call (904) 247-5804.

City Commission Public Parking Workshop May 27, 2021

  • Workshop topics
    • Beach Access and Neighborhood Parking
    • Paid parking at beach accesses
    • Parking creep into neighborhoods
    • Designating one side of roadways for parking
    • Residential only and no parking zones
    • Parking enforcement and attendant info
    • Parking signage
    • Marking spots "clear and discernable" to remove other spots
    • Provisions in the Comprehensive Plan to keep all beach access parking
  • Full meeting agenda
  • Workshop meeting video
  • Workshop minutes

Promoting public access to Hanna Park

Because of the challenges of congestion and traffic, lack of adequate parking, and the impacts on neighborhoods and our limited resources in the beach municipalities, the City of Atlantic Beach is asking that the City of Jacksonville recognize the value of promoting public access to Hanna Park for people in vehicles, on bikes, and on foot by:

  1. Providing relief from entry fees for those who have served our Nation in the military, and for those in financial need; and
  2. Installing a bicycle/pedestrian gate at the park’s southwest boundary in Jacksonville, thus promoting multimodal public access to the trail system, park amenities, and beach.

This matter is on the City Commission's May 10, 2021 agenda.


  1. Resolution No. 21-31
  2. March 15, 2021, correspondence from Mayor Glasser to Jacksonville City Council member Rory Diamond
  3. Jacksonville City Council Ordinance 2021-212

Public Parking Workshop: Thursday, May 6, 2021

  • Topics
    • Frequently cited myths of beach renourishment parking count
    • FDEP’s response to COAB’s request about whether 18th Street public parking could be reduced to 25 spaces
    • Reclaiming City rights-of-way
    • Paid parking at beach accesses
    • Parking enforcement
    • Consistent marking of public parking spaces
    • Parking creep into neighborhoods
    • Designating one side of roadways for parking
    • Resident-only and no-parking zone
    •  Parking signage
  • Full workshop agenda
  • Workshop meeting video
  • Workshop minutes

Beaches Town Center/North Beaches Parking Program operated by the City of Neptune Beach:

Handicapped/ADA Parking

In Atlantic Beach and in most circumstances in Florida,  people with displayed handicapped-parking credentials are allowed to park for free up to four (4) hours in any public parking space.

Visiting our community? With hundreds of public spaces, parking is much easier at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, where there's a beautiful beach, playgrounds, a splash park, fishing, camping, bike trails, and other recreational amenities:

18th and 19th Street parking lots. Public parking is limited in these lots. Visiting our community? Don't forget to check out Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park:

Parking codes: 

1992 parking study