Storm Debris Cleanup

Storm Debris Clean up 

Following a storm, it is essential that the City's drainage system work in order to minimize flooding.  Never place trees, limbs, and other debris in the roadway, along curbs or in medians.  Our streets are actually part of the City's engineered stormwater system.  This type of debris placed or left in the streets will act as a dam and can quickly result in widespread flooding.  Debris placed in the street could also interfere with or prohibit emergency response vehicles from reaching a call.  Such storm debris should be placed next to the roadway, well clear of any interference with the street.  Also, be aware that yard debris can never be placed on vacant lots, in parks, street medians or on any unpaved streets.  Placing debris in these areas could create a safety hazard and is likely to result in a fine to the property owner.

During debris clean up, there is no requirement to bag or otherwise containerize leaves, branches and clippings. Tree trunks, stumps, limbs, branches, etc., do not have to be cut to normal yard waste length or weight standards. If waste is containerized, residents are asked to not mix the bagged waste with the bulk debris since they are picked up by different haulers and hauled to different disposal sites. The bulk debris contractor uses mechanized equipment for collection. Consolidating bulk waste with your neighbors will increase the efficiency of collection.

Use Caution with Contractors Removing Fallen Trees and Storm Debris

If a tree or large limbs fall on your property, please ensure that any contractor you hire to remove the tree is properly licensed to do this type of work, and most importantly, verify that the company or individual has insurance coverage, including liability insurance, in case his actions cause additional damage to your home.  The contractor must also have Workmen's Compensation Insurance.  Otherwise, you could be liable if one of his workers is injured while working on your property.  Unfortunately, big storms provide opportunities for unscrupulous persons claiming to be qualified to remove and dispose of storm debris.  There are numerous qualified tree removal companies in the area, and all will gladly supply their credentials upon request.  Be aware that it is the responsibility of any tree-trimming contractor to remove and properly dispose of trees and debris.  These private contractors are not allowed to place debris along city streets to later be removed by the City.  Should we have such a storm, the City's Public Works Department will have a large task in clearing public streets so that emergency vehicles can reach properties and residents can safely return to their homes.  Tree removal companies cannot be allowed to delay or make this process more difficult.