Posted on: June 16, 2023

Safety, Traffic and Parking Committee work under way

On June 12, 2023, the City Commission formed a Safety, Traffic and Parking (STOP) Committee. The committee's first meeting was July 5; the second meeting is at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 20, in the City Hall Commission Chamber.

STOP Committee Governing Legislation (Resolution No. 23-20)

Membership, Appointees and Staff Support.  There will be a total of nine (9) members on the Committee to include two (2) persons who are electors within each of the four City Commission districts, and who are appointed by the City Commission members representing the district in which the Committee members live; and one (1) person who is an elector appointed by the Mayor.  Those members are:        

  • District 1306 – Brinkley Harrell and Frederick Jones
  • District 1307 – John Reich and Michael Tari
  • District 1308 – Richard Arthur and Kelly Fanning
  • District 1312 – James Johnson and Grace Neville 
  • Mayor – Ken Caudle

Purpose.  The purpose of the Committee is to review matters pertaining to safety, traffic and parking, and make recommendations to the Mayor and Commission as to changes and revisions to the City’s transportation system, processes and policies.

Charge/Additional Work.  The Committee’s charge shall be to review safety, traffic and parking matters, and make recommendations to the City Commission that aim to improve transportation, mobility and parking systems, processes and policies in the City. The Committee’s work plan shall begin with a traffic and parking data collection phase, including an assessment of existing conditions. Consultation with City staff and other subject-matter experts, along with soliciting public/stakeholder input, shall follow. Finally, the Committee shall undertake a deliberative phase to review the data and input it receives, and formulate conclusions and recommendations for submittal in a report to the City Commission. The report shall define ideal traffic and parking scenarios and delineate recommendations for remedial action to achieve them.

Meetings and Notice.  The meetings of the Committee shall be set at regular times upon the call of the chair or a majority of the members of the Committee, and will be open to the public and notice of meetings shall be provided in accordance with state law.

Election of Committee Officers and Associated Duties. The Committee shall elect a chair and vice chair from among its membership, and it shall further elect a secretary from among its membership who shall be responsible for working with City staff in preparing the following: (1) the agenda; (2) minutes of each meeting (and their prompt recordation with the City), and (3) a final report of all proposed recommendations. The Committee may elect other officers it deems advisable from among its regular members for the proper governance of its meetings and charge.  The chair shall preside at all meetings of the Committee.  In the temporary absence or disability of the chair, all duties of the chair shall be performed by the vice chair. In all cases involving points of parliamentary law, "Robert's Rules of Order" shall be the book of reference, and its rules, so far as they are applicable and not in conflict with the provisions of the City's Charter, Code, or other City ordinances, shall be the rules of this Committee.

Quorum. The Committee quorum is five (5) members. The Committee shall take no official action unless a quorum is present at a meeting. Any official acts by the Committee shall require a majority vote of the members present, however, no report to the City Commission shall be approved by the Committee shall be adopted unless favorably voted upon by a majority of the entire membership of the Charter Review Committee.

Subcommittees Prohibited. The committee shall perpetually meet as a Committee of the Whole; no subcommittee shall be appointed.

Sunset. The Committee shall automatically sunset, expire and cease to exist on November 11, 2024, in conjunction with the expiration of the Mayoral term and two City Commission terms.

Removal or Resignation of a Committee Member. Any member who fails to attend two (2) consecutive regularly scheduled meetings, subject to excused absence rules as decided by the chair of the Committee, shall be declared to have vacated his/her Committee seat, which shall be evidenced by the Committee chair notifying the City Clerk of such vacancy in writing. A member may choose to resign from the Committee at any time by giving written notice to the City Clerk.  At such time, the City Commission may fill such vacancy in its discretion.

Compliance with Laws. The Committee and each member shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws including, but not limited to, the Florida Government in the Sunshine Law, Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees, Florida Public Records Law, and related provisions of the City’s Charter, Code of Ordinances and applicable resolutions, as may be amended from time to time.

Coordination with City Staff and the City Commission. Working collectively, the Committee shall coordinate with City staff on any needs within its scope and mission. Staff may be assigned by the City Manager, City Clerk or City Attorney, as necessary, to provide aid, guidance and insight into City government operations or functions. Notice of meetings shall be the responsibility of City staff. The Committee shall provide a report of its activities to the City Commission periodically at a frequency established by the Committee or upon request from any City Commission member. If required, City staff will be responsible for the collection and expenditure of any City funds in accordance with purchasing guidelines.

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