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Rental Application for Indoor Recreation Facilities

  1. City of Atlantic Beach, FL
  2. Enter date: month, date, year (2/2/4)
  3. AGREEMENT made and entered into on this date at Atlantic Beach, Duval County, Florida, by and between the CITY OF ATLANTIC BEACH, a florida municipal corporation, 800 Seminole Road, Atlantic Beach, FLorida 32233 (hereinafter "City") and
  4. First and Last Name
  5. If Tax Exempt, form and payment must match Tax Exemption ID
  6. Area Code Required with - between numbers
  7. If different from Cell Phone
  8. WHEREAS, the parties are in complete agreement regarding the terms set forth herein.
    NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the covenants and promises as set forth herein, and any rental payment made hereunder, and other valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged by both parties, it is AGREED AS FOLLOWS:
  9. Which includes set-up before and CLEAN-UP AFTER event.
  10. Payment:*
    Payment must be made in FULL at time of reservation. Renter or applicant (see below), in exchange for use of the facility, shall pay the fees (cash, check or credit card) indicated for event use. Facility is not reserved until completed application and full payment are received. DELIVERY OF FACILITY: The City shall deliver the facility to Renter in good working condition, with any necessary facilities and utilities, and in a clean condition. RENTER SHALL RETURN THE FACILITY IN THE SAME MANNER ON THE SAME DAY OF RENTAL, WHICH INCLUDES SWEEPING, MOPPING, WIPING TABLES AND COUNTER TOPS, placing trash in bags and leaving in a container outside the building. Tables and chairs are available but the renter is responsible for set-up, break-down, and storage of tables and chairs at end of the event. CONTROL OF BUILDING: In renting said facility to Renter, the City does not relinquish the right to control the management and operation of the facility, and the City Manager or his designee may enter the facility at any time and on any occasion.
  11. ASSIGNMENT: Renter shall not assign the agreement nor suffer any use of the facility other than herein specified, nor sublet the facility or any part thereof, without the written consent of the City.
  12. MUSIC: All music must be played INSIDE the building and not cause disturbance to neighbors. No loud music and/or obscene language is allowed and may casue event to be shut down by ABPD, no refunds.
    ALCOHOL: Renter must have prior approval to serve or consume alcohol at an event (Adele Grage Center only). CITY ORDINANCE ALLOWS BEER AND/OR WINE ONLY. An off-duty Atlantic Beach police officer must be provided by rent for duration of event (application provided from Recreation Dept.) All alcohol must be served and consumed INSIDE THE BUILDING. All alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the City parks or on the beach. Failure to follow this policy will result in forfeiture of deposit and may result in early termination of event.
  13. Renter agrees not to sell, publicize or discuss any products or services offered by self, or any organization, or to engage in fundraising activies on the community center or park premises.
  14. This serves as an electronic signature and acknowledgement of above Disclaimers and Agreements.

  15. Applicant must be 21 years of age, (proof of Driver's License Required) 

  16. If Applicable; payment without tax must have Florida Certificate


    APPLICANT is the person paying for rental/deposit fees. Applicant understands the refundable deposit will be mailed 10-15 business after the event if the above terms are met by the renter. Applicant understands that if the renter does not satisfy/meet the forms of the agreement, the deposit will not be returned.

  18. Applicant is person paying deposit
  19. This is where deposit is mailed to (if above terms are met).
  20. FEES
  21. Rental Fees: ___________ Tax: _________ Deposit: $_________ Total Amount Due: $______________
    For Office Use Only: Paid $ ___________ Receipt # _____________ FOP: Ck # ______ Cash ______ CC _____ Account # _______
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