Aquatic Gardens-Hopkins Creek Stormwater Improvements

October 20, 2020 Update

The project’s priority is to provide additional protection from flooding to the Aquatic Gardens and Cavalla Road areas. As such, the first phase of this work will include raising the height of the pond bank and dredging the pond to provide more storage of stormwater runoff. In conjunction with the raising the bank and dredging the pond, the City will be installing a structure that will keep water from the drainage ditch from entering to the pond during storm events and piping to enable the pond to be pumped down to create more storage before a storm arrives. In addition, the City will be widening the drainage ditch and enlarging the box culvert at the entrance to the shopping center off of Aquatic Drive to increase the capacity of this drainage system during severe storm events.

The City’s engineers are at nearly 100% design with the first phase of improvements to the Aquatic Gardens pond and drainage ditch.  

A project update was provided to the community on Oct. 15. Here is the presentation by City Engineer Steve Swann.

Questions about the project? Please email or call (904) 247-5804.