Coastal Vulnerability, Resiliency, and Adaptation

In 2019, the City’s Planning and Community Development department was awarded a Resilience Planning grant from the State of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, through the Florida Resilient Coastlines Program, will provide financial assistance aimed at preparing coastal Florida communities for current and future effects of rising sea levels, including coastal flooding, erosion and ecosystem changes.  The purpose of the FRCP Resilience Planning Grants (RPG) is to promote community resilience planning, develop vulnerability assessments, adaptation plans and comprehensive plan goals, objectives, policies and regional coordination. These state-funded grants run from July 1, 2019 to June 15, 2020. The total amount awarded will depend on funding made available by the Governor and Legislature. Individual awards will be between $25,000 and $75.000.

The City selected Jones Edmunds and Applied Technology and Management engineers for the project which has 4 stages.

Analysis 1:  Sea Level Rise Projection Review for 2044, 2069, and 2119 (25, 50 & 100 year scenarios).

Analysis 2:  City of Atlantic Beach Coastal Flooding Assessment – Analysis of future flood risks from increased storm surge elevations and wave heights due to sea level rise.

Analysis 3:  Vulnerability Assessment Support - City of Atlantic Beach Flood Maps Projection – Future flood maps that result from combined modeling of sea level rise, storm surge, tidal fluctuations, and extreme rainfall. 

Coastal Vulnerability Assessment June 12, 2019 Final

High Resolution Maps:

Comprehensive plan 2030 SLR bathtub models

Florida Resilient Coastlines Program

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