Tree Removal

Do I Need a Tree Removal Permit?

Knowing when a permit is required to remove a tree can be complicated. To help citizens better understand when a Tree Removal Permit is required, the City has created this FLOW CHART. If you hare having issues answering the questions, consider contacting a certified arborist or your tree removal company.


Tree Removal Permit Application

If a permit is required for your tree removal, fill out and submit a TREE REMOVAL PERMIT APPLICATION. The online version is a fillable PDF that you can fill out and then print. Paper copies of the application can also be picked up at the Permits Desk in City Hall. Once you complete the application, submit to the Permits Desk in City Hall with all required documents and the applicable application fee.


Affidavit of No Regulated Tree Removal

The City requires an acknowledgement of the City’s tree removal requirements for permitted projects with a value of $10,000 or more. It may be the case that no trees are being removed. If so, you will be asked to submit an AFFIDAVIT OF NO REGULATED TREE REMOVAL as part of your permit application.


Tree Removal Ordinance

The City’s compete Tree Removal Ordinance can be found HERE.