Building Department


Click HERE for 4-6-2020 memo regarding construction 

Based on the Governor’s and Mayor’s Executive Orders and the Florida Building Code, the following procedures and policies will apply until further notice.  Please monitor this web page for the most current information.  This Pandemic is unprecedented and these procedures and policies are necessary for the life safety of residents, neighbors, and construction crews.  They may change as the situation unfolds.

CITY HALL AND THE BUILDING DEPARTMENT ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED to the public until further notice. Please call (904) 247-5800 or email with questions, and see below for more information.

At this time, we are limiting building permits to essential work, but Plan Review will continue and building permits, other than essential work, will be issued when it is safe to start construction.

Essential work includes:

  1. Repair or replacement of Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing equipment and fixtures, and roof repair/replacements.

  2. Continuing already permitted work, with some conditions.

  3. Other essential or critical work, determined on a case by case basis.  Until further notice, only essential and critical work will be considered.

  • Building permits for essential work will be given out without payment of permit fees.  Permit fees can be paid at a later date.

  • Building permits will not be issued for non-essential enclosed construction projects, until further notice.

  • We are accepting permit applications without the required notarized signatures for essential and critical work.  There are remote notary services, available on line, as well.

We are not accepting paper documents at this time.  Please see below for instructions to submit applications.  Please click HERE for permit applications and forms.

  • PERMIT SUBMITTALS LESS THAN 5 PAGES can be submitted via email to  All permit documents MUST be attached in PDF format.
  • PERMIT SUBMITTALS MORE THAN 5 PAGES can now be submitted to our FTP site, please click here for upload instructions.  All permit documents MUST be PDF format. Once you have submitted your documents to our FTP site, please email to verify your submittal was received.
  • Incomplete application documents, incomplete submittals, or documents not in PDF format  will NOT be processed.  You will be notified via email if your permit submittal is incomplete.
  • Please provide an email address AND telephone number on permit applications for BOTH the owner AND contractor.  
  • We are accepting permit applications without the required notarized signatures until the permit is actually issued.  There are remote notary services, available on line, as well.


  • Inspections should be scheduled by applicants in the usual way, by calling (904) 247-5814.
  • Inspection of already permitted and essential work continue to be done, with some conditions.
  • At this time, we are not conducting inspections in occupied buildings.  Inspection of other enclosed or close spaces will be at the Inspector’s discretion.

  • Inspections in unoccupied enclosed spaces may be conducted after the space has been left unoccupied for 24 hours.

  • Only one trade crew at a time is allowed in a new building, once it is enclosed.  This will include new houses, starting with the rough trades and continuing through final inspections.  Workers shall adhere to all social distancing requirements and sites shall be provided with basic infection prevention and safety equipment to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID 19 virus.

  • Contractors repairing or replacing equipment or fixtures in occupied buildings (Considered essential work) should schedule the inspection for the day the work will be completed and then call the Building Department to schedule a Remote Video Inspection when the work is complete and ready for inspection.

Florida Law and the Florida Building Code still apply.  A STOP WORK ORDER will be posted on any work started without a building permit posted on site, or work not complying with the above provisions.

These policies are intended to protect the lives of residents, workers, and the neighbors in the vicinity of construction projects.  Your cooperation will be appreciated.

For further information, call (904) 247-5800 or email