Found Property

The following items have been found and turned into the Atlantic Beach Police Department:

     Item                             Date/Location                         Date of Notice      

Items will be held 45 days from the date of notice. If not claimed, these items will go to auction per FSS 705.103

If these items belong to you, please contact Property Clerk Vicki Schmechel at 904-247-5859 EXT. 5868.

FSS 705.103 -

(a) For abandoned property, the law enforcement agency may retain any or all of the property for its own use or for use by the state or unit of local government, trade such property to another unit of local government or state agency, donate the property to a charitable organization, sell the property, or notify the appropriate refuse removal service.

(b) For lost property, the officer shall take custody and the agency shall retain custody of the property for 90 days. The agency shall publish notice of the intended disposition of the property, as provided in this section, during the first 45 days of this time period.