Crime Suppression Unit

The Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) was formed to provide the Atlantic Beach Police Department the ability to address emerging crime trends and problem areas. CSU allows the department to direct resources to a specific problem without diverting Patrol Officers from responding to calls for service.

The philosophy of the CSU is that crime can be deterred from occurring through highly proactive enforcement and through directed enforcement following creative problem oriented policing strategies. They routinely investigate the following types of crimes, but are not limited to: illegal drug activity, prostitution, alcohol violations, chronic crimes, weapons violations, and public nuisances.


Members assigned to the CSU are available to provide education to the community related to the identification and recognition of drugs and the signs and symptoms associated with their use, and to educate the public about drugs in our community.

If you would like to make a complaint about drugs, prostitution, or any other illicit activity, please email us or contact Commander Tiffany Layson at 904-247-5859.