Communications Center

The Communications Center is one of the most important support services within the Police Department.  Emergency Communications Operators, also known as Dispatchers, receive, screen, prioritize, dispatch and record calls for service. The Communications Center is manned 24/7 (Twenty-Four Hours/Seven Days a Week). They are responsible for receiving and processing calls for service from the public for Police and Fire resources, in addition to receiving and routing the routine business calls for the department.

The Communications Center is responsible for:

  • Answering 9-1-1 calls
  • Answering Non-Emergency Phone Calls
  • Gathering critical information
  • Transferring calls for Fire / other agencies
  • Dispatching Police resources
  • Monitoring multiple radio frequencies
  • Processing requests for warrant checks and registration checks from officers
  • Entering all call information into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system
  • Coordinating with other agencies
  • Processing walk-in calls for service

While we do receive some 9-1-1 calls in reference to fires or medical emergencies, Fire and Emergency Rescue is handled by Jacksonville Fire and Rescue. They have their own dispatch center.  When we receive these calls, we transfer them so they are handled appropriately.

In Atlantic Beach, Emergency Communications Operators respond to more than 20,000 calls per year for services and incidents requiring police responses. These calls vary significantly from life threatening emergencies to routine reporting. The Emergency Communications Operators provide an indispensable service for the community and the Police Department.

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The Communications Center is supervised by Frederick Gilbert. Email Fred Gilbert