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Ocean Life Guards - Seasonal


Atlantic Beach Ocean Rescue

Current Jobs Available
How and When to apply
Eligibility Criteria
Employment Process
Application Forms Required
How Applicants are Selected


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Applications are accepted only for those positions that are currently being advertised
and only during the period that the position is open for applicants as indicated
within the job posting.  Except for Police Officer positions, the City of Atlantic Beach
does not maintain a Job Applicant file and applicants must apply, or reapply for jobs

as they are advertised.

Positions open to the public are advertised in the local newspapers (Shorelines and
Beaches Leader), the Florida Times Union, and posted in the
Current Jobs Available 
section of this web site.  Available positions are also posted on City bulletin boards
throughout the City and at the City Hall building.  

                              City of Atlantic Beach
                              City Hall Building
                              800 Seminole Road
                              Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

You may apply online, by fax (904) 242-3498, by email (), by mail,
or in person at the City of Atlantic Beach City Hall located at 800 Seminole Road,
Atlantic Beach, Florida.

If you cannot apply through one of these means, we would be more than happy to
mail an application to you which can be completed and returned by mail.


-  Must not have utilized tobacco products within the past twelve months.

-  Must pass a criminal background check that includes, but may not be limited to: 

      - Reference checks from both prior employers and personnel
     - Criminal history check
     - Driver history check

-  Must complete two physical fitness tests consisting of a pool swim and an 
swim/run test.  (see Phase 2, Employment Process)

-  Successfully complete and maintain the requirements for an Open Water  
per USLA, Guidelines for Open Water Lifeguard Agency 
.   (see Phase 
4, Employment Process)

-  Lifeguards without a First Responder certificate must obtain a First Responder certificate    
   prior to continued lifeguard employment. (see Phase 4, Employment 

-  Must complete a pre-employment physical to verify that you can perform the essential
   functions of the position

-  Must complete a pre-employment drug screen


Phase 1.  New Lifeguards:  A City of Atlantic Beach New Ocean Lifeguard Application form (online) or
               (PDF) must be submitted prior to the advertised date if you did not work for the City of Atlantic
               Beach during the last lifeguard season.

                An Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Survey Form (online) or (PDF) is optional, however 
                encouraged to be submitted.

                Returning Lifeguards:  A City of Atlantic Beach Returning Lifeguard Application form (online)
                or (PDF) must be submitted prior to the advertised date if you worked for the City of Atlantic
                Beach as a lifeguard during the last lifeguard season.

Phase 2.  Must complete two physical fitness tests consisting of a pool swim and an ocean swim/run
               test.  The pool swim test requirement is to swim 500 meters (550 yards) in the pool in 10
               minutes or less.  After successfully completing the pool swim test, applicants will report to
               the beach in front of the Atlantic Beach Lifeguard Station, 1 Ahern Street, Atlantic Beach, for
               the ocean swim/run test.  The ocean swim/run test consists of running approximately 1/2 mile
               on the beach with a buoy, entering the ocean, swimming approximately 1/2 mile in the ocean
               while towing the buoy, exiting the ocean, and returning to the starting point in 30 minutes or

               If not already provided, the following forms and documents must be brought to the testing:

               - Drivers license
               - Social Security Card
               - Certificates of training and/or documentation of any lifeguard related training such as EMT, 
                 First Responder, first aid, etc.

Phase 3.  Those applicants that satisfactorily complete Phase 1 and 2 above will be considered by the
               department and the best qualified candidate(s) shall be given a background check.

Phase 4.  Those given a conditional offer of employment must:

               - Successfully pass a pre-employment physical and drug screening

               - Take a Hepatitis B Vaccine (optional but recommended)

               - Successfully complete and maintain the requirements for an Open Water Lifeguard per
                 USLA, Guidelines for Open Water Lifeguard Agency Certification.  This is an approximately
                 48 hour classroom and on-the-job training course taught by Atlantic Beach free of charge. 
                 Lifeguards will be paid while attending this course.  

               - Lifeguards without a First Responder certificate must obtain a First Responder certificate
                 prior to continued lifeguard employment.  A First Responder class of approximately 43.5
                 hours is offered by Atlantic Beach with classes normally held at night or on weekends. 
                 Lifeguards may obtain a First Responder certificate by completion of this class or they may
                 obtain a First Responder certificate through other training offered in the Jacksonville area. 
                 If required, a CPR certificate will also be obtained during First Responder training.  Lifeguards
                 will not be paid while attending this course.  


Remember to complete your application very carefully and thoroughly.  Once you submit an application, you are responsible for notifying us of any changes in your telephone number or other "key" information to ensure consideration.

Ocean Life Guard applicants must complete and submit the following forms:

   1.  Returning Ocean Lifeguard from last season:
        Please complete a Returning Lifeguard Application (
online) or (PDF Format)

   2.  All other Ocean Lifeguard applicants:
        Please complete a New Lifeguard Application Form (
online) or (PDF Format)

Although optional, all applicants are also requested and encouraged to complete an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Survey Form 
(online) or (PDF Format)


All applications are screened by the Human Resource Department with those applications that pass this initial screening being forwarded to the Lifeguard Captain for further screening.


Seasonal Lifeguards are temporary employees and not provided with employee benefits unless mandated by Federal or State Law.



























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