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Streets and Maintenance
The Streets and Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and improving the City streets, sidewalks, right-of-ways and signs.  

Pavement Management System

The City's roadway system consists of over 57 miles of paved public roads.  The Public Works Director and the Streets and Maintenance Division Director evaluate the pavement conditions on each street annually.  The Streets and Maintenance Division uses a Pavement Management System to generate and update a computerized roadway inventory and maintenance plan.  Most paving is done during the months of October through July.  Notifications are sent out to inform residents who live on the streets scheduled to be paved.


Please report potholes to the Public Works Department at 904-247-5834 or by using the Citizen Request Tracker link on the City's webpage (  After hours, please report any major pavement failure to the Atlantic Beach Police Department at 904-247-5859.

Street Sweeping

All City streets are swept by a street sweeping machine on a bi-monthly schedule.  The streets the City maintains for the Florida Department of Transportation (Atlantic Boulevard and Mayport Road) are swept monthly.

Sidewalks / Curbing

The Public Works Department constructs, maintains and repairs sidewalks.  Requests for new sidewalks are considered as a part of the City's budget development process as Capital Improvement Projects.  City Staff generates a priority list of sidewalks, taking requests from residents and then ranking all projects against a standard, which measures safety, need and convenience.  For additional information about future sidewalk construction, please call the Public Works Department.  The City does not currently have a program for funding curb and gutter installations on existing streets.
Driveway Construction / Replacement

Residential and commercial driveways require permits that can be applied for in the Building Department located at City Hall, 800 Seminole Road, Atlantic Beach.  Residential driveway size limitations are defined in City Code Section 19-7.  The permits have the specifications for the different type driveways and the material required.  Once a Right-of-Way and Easement Application is obtained, the driveway can be formed to the specifications.  After the forms are constructed, call the Public Works Department 904-247-5834 to schedule a "prepour" inspection.  Notification will be given when the forms are correct and the concrete can be poured.  After the concrete has been poured and the right-of-way restored by grassing all denuded areas, call for a final inspection of the driveway.  When the final approval is given, a release of the permit will be sent to the Building Department.  Please call at least 24 hours in advance for each inspection.

Definition of Right-of-Way & Easement

Right-of-Way means the area of highway, road, street, way, parkway, alley, electrical transmission line, gas pipeline, water main, storm or sanitary sewer main, or other such strip of land reserved for public use, whether established by prescription, easement, dedication, gift, purchase, eminent domain or any other legal means.

Easement means a grant of use of land by the land owner to any person, or to the general public for a specified purpose, such as the construction or maintenance of utilities and/or storm water drainage.

City Codes limit construction in the right-of-way between the property line and the edge of street pavement, such that impervious surfaces (asphalt, concrete, etc.) in this portion of the right-of-way are limited to a maximum of 50% coverage.

Street Lights

Atlantic Beach pays monthly fees to JEA for street lights throughout the City.  Requests for new street lights may be made using the Citizen Request Tracker link on the City's webpage (  To report a street light outage, please call JEA at 904-655-6000.  Provide them the address/location of the light and the pole number.

Traffic Signals

The traffic signal system in Atlantic Beach includes about 10 traffic signals, all on State roads (Atlantic Boulevard and Mayport Road).  The traffic signals are owned by the State but maintained by the City of Jacksonville through a municipal agreement.  To report a signal malfunction, please contact the COJ Traffic Engineering at 904-630-CITY.  After hours, please report any signal malfunction to the Atlantic Beach Police Department at 904-247-5859.

Signs and Markings

The City installs and maintains traffic control signs and pavement markings on the City streets.  Signs and markings on State roads are installed and maintained by the State.  However, all street name signs on both City and State roads are installed and maintained by the City.  If you have noticed a road sign that is damaged, missing or where one is needed, please contact the Public Works Department at 904-247-5834 or by using the Citizen Request Tracker link on the City's webpage (  After hours, please report any critical needs to the Atlantic Beach Police Department at 904-247-5859.

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