Posted on: March 5, 2019

AB essay contest winners honored

Photo of 2019 Atlantic Beach "If I Were Mayor, I Would ..." essay contest winners

Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School student Nicky Cooey’s entry was selected as the winner of the City of Atlantic Beach’s first “If I Were Mayor, I Would …” essay contest.

Sixth-graders who live in Atlantic Beach or attend school in the city were eligible to participate in the contest, which kicked off during Atlantic Beach’s City Government Week observance sponsored by the Florida League of Cities.

The essay contest entries were judged by the Atlantic Beach Youth Council and the winners were honored at the City Commission’s Feb. 25 meeting.

Nicky was awarded $75 for first place. Also honored were second-place winner Daisy Ross of James Weldon Johnson College Preparatory Middle School and third-place winner Daijah Parrish of Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School. Daisy was awarded $50 and Daijah was awarded $25.

Here is Nicky’s essay:

 If I where mayor, I would definitely change some things, starting off with littering. Almost everywhere I’ve gone in Atlantic Beach I have seen trash. I would also speak to Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) about the teachers that work there and the education our students get.

So, let’s talk about littering. If I where mayor I would put high tech cameras on poles at the beaches and on the lifeguard chairs. With current technology they can recognize the people’s faces so we can fine them a small fee. I would also add more trash and recycling cans on sidewalks and drill them into the ground. By making them sturdier so hurricanes don’t blow them away. Another idea I had was if a restaurant worker saw someone littering, they add five dollars on to the bill per piece of trash. My final idea to help eliminate littering is every two months each person has to pick up at least five pieces of trash. Once they have done that, they take a selfie of them, the trash, and where they found it. Then I will choose three people randomly and give them each one hundred dollars out of my pocket. Those are some of my ideas to eliminate littering in Atlantic Beach.

I would speak to DCPS about the teachers at our schools. It may be challenging to engage students to learn, but they should stick to a standard curriculum. I also believe that teachers should keep their room clean so, that their students feel welcome in class and ready to learn. I would have a conversation with DCPS about adding American Sign Language (ASL) a secondary elective at all public schools. Another thought I had was for children to be able to evaluate their teachers in the form of an end-of-year survey. Another subject worth mentioning to DCPS is the health and hygiene of our students for, example janitors should have to restock the soap and paper towels in the restroom after every period.   

This is why I believe I would be an amazing mayor of the great city of Atlantic Beach. I’m not only fun, I’m serious. I would change things in our education system and try to eliminate littering. That’s what I would do if I where mayor. 

Cutline: Atlantic Beach Mayor Ellen Glasser (far left) recognized “If I Were Mayor, I Would …” essay contest winners (from left) Nicky Cooey, Daisy Ross and Daijah Parrish at the Feb. 25 City Commission meeting.

Photo of 2019 Atlantic Beach

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