City Approved Franchised Service Providers

Per the City of Atlantic Beach code of ordinances, all refuse collection companies desiring to do business within the City must be a licensed franchisee and pay the appropriate franchise fees prior to providing any service or delivering any solid waste container within the City limits.   Use of an unauthorized container could result in a $250 fine and a Stop Work Order, with additional fines, placed on the project.  

Roll off container company must be on the City approved list for all projects.  

Roll off containers cannot be placed on City right-of-way.  

Bag containers in the City right-of-way are considered unauthorized dumpsters.

Pull-behind trailers used as a waste container are considered unauthorized dumpsters if they are unhooked from a vehicle.

The City approved list can change frequently and will be updated below with an effective date.  The current list can also be obtained at the Building Department at City Hall.  

City Approved Franchised Construction and Demolition Roll Off and/or Commercial Recycling Services Providers (effective 1/27/23):

GFL Environmental
Realco Recycling
Shapells, Inc.
Republic Services
Phillips Containers
Redbox+ of Jacksonville
North Florida Rolloff Services, Inc.