John M. Stinson, Commissioner Seat 2

A native New Mexican, John M. Stinson, grew up in the southwest where he spent most of his life. John is proud of his modest heritage and credits that heritage and environment for molding him into a person committed to serving others.

John attended New Mexico Junior College and the University of Houston, studying Petroleum Technology and Civil Engineering respectively.

John followed a legacy of family predecessors into the prolific energy industry common in the area. He has been fortunate to have worked in the industry in many areas of the United States and has had some limited opportunities overseas. John’s career has spanned the globe from New Mexico, to the north into Wyoming and Montana, and to the south into Ecuador. John’s wide array of experience positioned him to become a widely respected underbalanced drilling and well control specialist.

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Seeking greater challenges and intangible professional rewards, John eventually founded two successful companies simultaneously after departing the corporate world. The first was focused on providing superior consultant services to energy companies and the second developed into the premier service provider managing water resources for operators in the industry. His consulting service grew to over twenty full time consultants. His water management services employed in excess of one hundred employees and contractors and controls the key process to recycling wastewater the oil industry.

By most measures, John is a relative newcomer to Atlantic Beach, having moved to Atlantic Beach in 2011.

John first arrived in the Atlantic Beach because his companies had built a relationship with a local Jacksonville manufacturing group. His many trips to the area over the past decade fostered a growing fondness for the southern hospitality and manners common in the region. In a move to support his wife’s career, his family chose to relocate to the area in late 2010.

As a result of the constant travel and the sacrifice of his family, John closed his company in 2012. He has since founded an aviation business in Fernandina Beach, Florida and continues to nurture this new endeavor.

John is an avid pilot, sailor, scuba diver and fisherman. And John’s role as a father of four is the single most important responsibility he embraces daily. He would also tell you the best part of being John is being the husband of his amazing wife.

John has served his community and neighbors in the following capacities:

  • Former Member, Code Enforcement Board - City of Atlantic Beach, FL
  • Former Trustee, Greater Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
  • Co-Founder and Member, Board of Directors - Permian Basin Oilman’s Bass Invitational
  • Member, Rules and Regulations Task Force - Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport
  • Member, Airport Master Plan Update TAC - Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport
  • Member, Master Association Board of Directors - Glen Kernan Professional Plaza
  • Former Director, Fishing Tournament - Occidental Petroleum Corporation
  • Former Member, Board of Directors - Make-A-Wish Wyoming
  • Former Volunteer - Make-A-Wish New Mexico