Map Gallery

Map Gallery

Welcome to the City of Atlantic Beach Map Gallery.  All maps shown are available in Portable Document Format (PDF), and are free to view and download with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click the map icon to open the PDF map in a new window, or right-click to save it to a local desktop.  A number of the maps are very detailed, poster-sized documents and thus some files are large.  Depending on the speed of internet connection, some maps may take a significant amount of time to download. 

Questions regarding content of maps or technical difficulties with Map Gallery may be addressed to GIS | Mapping staff.


Official Zoning Map 12.29.2022 Photo

City of Atlantic Beach
Official Zoning Map 12.29.2022

last amended 14 November 2022

Ordinance No 90-22-249

VotingDistricts_thru_Ord33-12-18 (adopted08132012).jpg

Voting Districts
Ordinance No 33-12-18
adopted 13 August 2012
effective 1 January 2013

8.50" X 11.00"
Created 18 February 2016


Seaside Stroll and More
Heart of AB Trace
Glorious Gallivant of Dutton
Western Walkabout
Four-Park Promenade
Heritage Tree Trek
2020 Walking and Biking Routes

Created 10 April 2020

Bike Plan Update (2009).jpg
Streets_Neighborhoods (2005)

2009 Bike Plan
update of original 2002 plan

11.00" x 17.00"
Created 24 November 2008

Indexed Street Map

48.00" x 36.00"
Created 2005


Beach Access (Sept 09).jpg

Beach Accesses
created as part of the EAR-Based Comp Plan Amendment Data & Analysis map series

8.50" x 11.00"
Created July 2009

Conservation Lands (2009).jpg

Conservation Lands
township 02S, range 29E, section 18
tidal marsh lands acquired by Atlantic Beach
30 April 2009

11.00" x 17.00"
Created 6 May 2009

City Map.jpg

Parks & Recreation Areas



Coastal Construction
Control Line
established per Ch 161, F.S.
Beach and Shore Preservation

11.00" x 17.00"
Created 30 March 2009

1200750001D (April 17, 1989)_J.jpg

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Flood Insurance Rate Maps


Map A-1. FLUM 12.29.2022

2030 Comprehensive Plan
Future Land Use Map Series 
Ordinance No 31-19-12
adopted 8 April 2022

last amended 14 November 2022                                                                   Ordinance No 90-22-248

17.00" x 11.00"
Created 29 December 2022

Official Zoning Map 12.29.2022 Photo

Official  Zoning Map
Ordinance No 90-82-074
adopted 26 July 1982

last amended 14 November 2022
Ordinance No 90-22-249

24.00" x 18.00"
Created 29 December 2022


Revitalization Priorities (2009).jpg

Revitalization Areas

11.00" x 17.00"
Created 23 February 2009


Map Selection (Bartolome de Castro y Ferrer_Claim 25)_crop.jpg

Spanish Land Grants

Randolph 1850 Resurvey 2S 29E.jpg

Township Survey Plats & Federal Land Patents

(05-064) Atlantic Beach_May 14, 1913_T.jpg

Recorded Plats